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Examining the UX


I’ve called out various decisions made on this layout that drive behavior.

Flojuggler is the lifestyle menstrual tracking application designed to track the cycles of multiple persons. I did the entire site design, production, and programming which includes “Facebook style” image management, extensive AJAX feature sets, JQuery UI integration, all on a true MVC architecture. This was also another opportunity to invent a brand from the ground up.

This post is meant to examine the thought behind the UX which I find to be a typical example of my approach to landing, sign-up, and interfaces for consumer focused projects. I tend to lean toward taking the basics and really going hard on them.

The demographic for the service is women (80% of users) and men (20% of users), ages 21-35, with a high level of tech experience and education. We’re really looking at a metropolitan crowd as they tend to have dating habits with high turn over when compared to a rural audience.


The interface in general is very playful. The icons tend to be VERY obvious representations and over sized. I wanted people to feel “happy” while using it. It should feel like a silly friend just came in and told you that your/your gf’s period is on the way, cracked a joke to make you feel better, then ran out of the room singing.


There’s a few things that need iterations but I just don’t have time these days.

  1. Go flat for 2014.

  2. Remove the skeuomorphic icons.

  3. Put the login form in a real form so it submits on return.

  4. Put grab handles on draggable items.

  5. Put an icon in the “My Alerts” section when it’s empty so you know to drop things in it.

  6. Put some custom CSS on the predictor pulldown.


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