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Case Study : Slektor

The 10 second pitch? "Slektor is an app that lets kids fund their reading habits. By allowing friends and family to contribute to "Kickstarter like" reading challenges, we're making reading as lucrative as it is fun. Kids can search for books, create a challenge to read a book, and then send that challenge out to sponsors.

This is a three person team building a labor of love to give something back to the community. My role as primary frontend dev is becoming more challenging daily but it's giving me a chance to take what I've learned at code camp and apply it within a "real world" context.


The plan is to plop this on top of a MongoDB + Node backend running through Express because that's what I learned in camp. That said, it seems like Firebase offers the same functionality with fewer moving parts along with some convenient authentication APIs. If the authentication offering is solid then this may turn into React & Firebase/Firestore.


Small teams can be great but it also means wearing a lot of hats. As the "tech guy" I've got to switch between designing, scoping, planning, and managing execution until things change. That means…

  • Breaking down "big sky" UI designs into MVP component mockups

  • Sketching out DB schemas and running them through user stories

  • Tracking every feature build in Clubhouse and staying on schedule

Slektor DB Schema Brainstorm


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