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There’s a cheaper alternative to Github

Github is great if you want all of your code to be public. Open source is all about being available to everyone all the time. That’s a good thing. The thing is, when you’re looking for a place to store your not so public code Github’s pricing plans can get a bit steep.

Let’s say that you have 50 projects that you want code storage for. These are personal projects or client projects that you don’t want the world forking and making their own versions of. On Github that’ll cost $50/mo. Now let’s say that you want someone else to also have access to this repo. Just went up to $100/mo. That’s a lot of scratch for some fairly inactive code.

Codeplan private Git storage

Unlimited repos, unlimited users, 2GB storage cap for $9/mo.

I recently came across an upstart Git service called Codeplan. They offer unlimited private repos for $9/mo with one restriction, 2GB total limit. That’s a lot of space! No limit on the number of users, either.

So if you’re looking for no-frills, very affordable, and reliable private Git hosting… the math speaks for itself.

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