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Revisiting CloudForge Permissions

Choosing a target is the first step in a 5 step process.

This is a five step wizard that assigns permissions to users and groups.

You know when you leave a project and feel like you could have done so much more? Like it’s kind of half done. So you end up having a conversation with someone, showing them the work, and they make comments that give you that “oh yea… why didn’t we do that?” feeling. That happened to me today. Being the OCD kind of person that I am, I couldn’t help but start messing with interface corrections for the CloudForge roles assignment. Hind site is 20/20.

The original UI was very rushed but that’s “agile”. The problem is a lack of iterations. We had delivered a minimal viable product but now this UI/UX needs some follow up.

The thing I really like about this new layout is that it’s responsive in nature. This is something that the project never had as a spec but… it’s 2014. How can a service not be responsive these days?

Screen 1

The idea is that the area on the right would be disabled until you selected a target. This would get people used to seeing something there before it’s populated with data and reduce cognitive dissonance after the transition.

Screen 2

Once the node is selected then it would populate the information area and enable the action buttons. On tablet the selector would narrow. On mobile the entire right side could fall under the selector.


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