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iLLSTATiC gave me the opportunity to invent a brand from the ground up; logos, collateral, advertising, etc.

The lifestyle/events web site that cleared the way for so many events/ticketing/lifestyle applications online. Full brand invention including user interface, graphic production, and daily maintenance. Hand coded automated guestlist management system, automated mass E-Mail system, custom content management system, e-commerce integration, ad delivery and tracking automation, custom secure audio/video delivery modules… it goes on. All in PHP without a framework. It was nuts but it was 2004.

This was my first entrepreneurial venture in tech. I had created a very successful lifestyle market project years before with some great friends but there was no attempt to monetize it. This project had revenue potential but we could not get enough momentum to beat out competitors. It was a great learning experience and very much a success for those it served. Proud of the work of everyone involved.

Automated Posting System

Remember that this was pre-Wordpress, etc. This entire template system was built from scratch yet it had a full adserver, rotating feature images, video on demand, all intertwined with the user supplied content.

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