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CloudForge New User Experience Map

experience map

An example Experience Map done in the traditional group setting.

This is a visual map of an exercise that we did early on. The idea is to gather the over all user story into a narrative journey that highlights obvious pain points along the way. People doing user research can use this as a model while product managers/engineers use this when forming plans. I actually find this circular representation far easier to digest than the traditional linear model.

You can see from the map that we’ve assumed pain points in five areas. Those are the areas that we would then try to focus on coming up with solutions for as those are possible points of losing a customer forever.

Personally, I’m not a fan of always getting the whole team into a room to make decisions. In the real world it’s not always efficient to put work on hold for even an hour. However, this particular exercise is staggeringly important as it sets the tone for most of the user centered decisions you’ll be making for the life of the product. So for this exercise I’d pretty much insist that EVERYONE be there, not just the stakeholders.


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