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Clariture Health Sketchnotes

Sketchnoting has become a regular part of my discovery and ideation phases. The act of physically writing onto paper stimulates both sides of the brain which helps burn in the ideas being tossed around. They are part brainstorming, part note taking, and a lot of collaboration with stake holders who I encourage to jump in and start sketching themselves.

One use of these is to get key concepts down as a reference while I’m pushing pixels. As I’m listening to the brief or doing research I’ll doodle when coming across something important. Nothing too specific needs to be on the note. Just key words or visual representations of thoughts. The second and possibly most beneficial aspect of sketch noting is that it seems to get the creative juices flowing without being committed to a single idea. I’m far more likely to explore a left field idea on paper than I am to spend the time in Sketch making it “look real”. It’s faster and cheaper to use a pen and paper in the beginning.

The following are real world notes made during my most recent project at Clariture Health.


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