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Hooked, How To Build Habit Forming Products by Nir Eyal & Ryan Hoover


“…one-third of Americans say they would rather give up sex than lose their cell phones.” – Nir Eyal

It’s not very often that I’ll write about a book before I’ve read it. In fact, this will be the first time. That just goes to show how excited I am to finally get my copy of Hooked. Three months ago I had the luck and privilege to spend a few hours with Nir Eyal at the New Relic office in San Francisco. He was giving a presentation based on the research he’s done at Stanford. It’s this research that Hooked is based on and he rocked it. Being a huge fan of Chris Nodder (Evil By Design), the findings in Hooked resonated with me instantly. What made me a fan was how Eyal managed to boil down his findings into a simple yet precise set of recognizable and repeatable patterns. In this way Eyal has taken Nodder’s work a step further. Check it out!


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