Selino [ se-lē-nō ]

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Product Design

  • Crafting innovative designs and rock solid components for enterprise software

  • Collaborating on Design Systems & Design Operations (DesOps)

  • Helping other BIPOC survive & thrive in tech

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After years of Sketch, I've moved over to Figma. The collaboration, link sharing, and API integrations have made it perfect for my goals.

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The functional programming approach resonates with me and React has been a flexible yet powerful prototyping tool.

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Designers, engineers, and stakeholders all using the same "single source of truth". That's my goal with Storybook.



What's in my toolset?








UI Design - Affinity, Figma, Framer, Invision, Sketch

Design Systems - Figma UIKits, Sketch UIKits, Storybook, Zeplin


Code - Git, React Developer Tools, Redux Tools, VSCode

Management - Atlassian, Certified Scrum in Agile, Clubhouse, MS Teams, Slack, Things



Integrated Design Systems
10+ years of UI Design, Web Design, and Coding UI

My Journey

2021 - Present

Product Design Director

Pēk by Care Sherpa

We're building a HIPAA-compliant CRM from the ground up using Material UI & NextJS. We're transforming a "Frankenstein's monster" of open source software, custom integrations, and outdated UX into a modern tool that consolidates screens and increases efficiency. It's about getting people the care they need faster.


The Cycling Year


After 4 years of helping Clariture Health get to a successful acquisition, I decided to take a break from work. I signed up for cycling events in London, Paris, and Honolulu. While my performance in Europe was a bit lacking, I took 5th on the day in Hawaii! Months of diet and training paid off as I wrapped up a once-in-a-lifetime year.



My 3rd Application Build

I'm an autodidact so building to learn. is my jam. I designed and built Flojuggler, a social menstrual tracking application, to see how far I could push JQuery and SQL.


San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Giving back to my local community was something I felt was needed. Yes, I got paid just enough to pay the rent that month.

I built a 100% Javascript ES5-driven navigation system that is content publishing platform agnostic. I'm still super proud of this work.

Back In The Day

In the Beginning

Designed and Built Things

Starting wasn't easy, but it was fun! I did a ton of contract work for big companies, explored design/coding/culture boundaries, and even launched a couple of startups.

  • IGT showed me how platforms could look a lot like consumer experiences

  • taught me that I could Design and Code

  • Method showed me how to scale commerce systems.

  • Wells Fargo introduced me to the finer details of complex email projects.

  • Toyota & Scion kicked off my career by allowing me to collaborate with some of the best engineers, art directors, and biz dev folks.

2019 - 2020

Leveling Up!

Figma, React, & Storybook

As I stepped back into my work shoes I knew that I had to step up my game. My ES6 was sub-par, I'd spent 6+ years in Sketch, and Figma-based Design Systems became the standard. So…

  • Finished a MERN Bootcamp & built my first React & Redux MVP with Slektor

  • Collaborated with MikaelV to convert my Clariture work into a truly integrated Figma, React, & Storybook Design System 


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From startup to acquisition… 🥵

That was a hard 4 years! As the 5th employee and Principle Designer, I put on many hats daily; UX process, product design, branding, pitch decks, building ad systems for marketing, front end implementation with engineering… even signage!

  • Built my first Design System in Sketch, Abstract, and Zeplin

  • Learned how bad I am with Angular

  • Carried LeadGen design into the 2016 Google for Entrepreneurs Finals 🏅

  • Juggled multiple design systems for multiple apps simultaneously

  • Collaborated with some great engineers, marketers, and CEOs



Developing a love for enterprise UI


  • UI/UX lead on CloudForge.v1 ( a Development Platform as a Service application with over 100,000 users and 65,000 projects)

  • Design and coding assist on TeamForge Orchestrate (automatic traceability between life-cycle stages, including work items, commits, reviews, and builds).



"Selino is an ultimate triple-threat. He brings an amazing amount of UX and UI experience to the table along with the technical abilities to make them happen in HTML and Javascript. He's that all-in-one UI guy that is always needed and rarely found."


Paul Clegg
Senior Web Developer, 

I'm primarily self-taught, Bootcamp taught, and team member taught. I have spent the last decade designing in Sketch while building in vanilla JS, frameworks like Angular, and libraries like React.


I do not have a CS degree and have not spent much time contemplating the Gang of Four design patterns in C++ or whiteboarding algorithms to traverse linked lists with O(log n) time complexity. We can talk about it, but that's not my jam.


My jam is keeping up with UI/UX patterns that succeed in Enterprise and Consumer products, prototyping UI, and then building responsive and elegant components that scale to millions of users within 2-3 week agile release cycles.


Let me know if you'd like to collaborate and we'll make it happen.


Peace out! ✌🏾

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP.

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